Success Stories

Here’s what clients have to say about their experience in working with Dean …

Pete Godfrey, aka The Wizard of Words:

“It’s hard to imagine life without Dean… he helps my business grow in so many ways…”

— Pete Godfrey, ‘The Wizard of Words’, Copywriter, Coach and Sales Strategist

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Karin Witnish, Raunchy Romance Chick:

“OK – now seriously folks I LOVE YOU Dean Kennedy! What you did with my original concept & cut and paste word doc is a now a friggin’ gorgeous sexy spiral bound book. Watch out world — it’s not wicked to be raunchy and I’m a gonna prove it!!!! Just for good measure I’m posting it to Raunchy Romance Chick as well. Dean – you are amazing!”

— Karin Witnish, Raunchy Romance Chick

Video Testimonials

Travis Fitzpatrick: Focus Health and Fitness

Our business has been providing marketing, design and advertising for Travis Fitzpatrick at Focus Health and Fitness for about 8 years. In that time Focus has expanded from 1 to 3 locations. Travis describes here our working relationship — including details of how membership at his latest location (Yarraville) skyrocketed from around 220 members to almost 500 members within the first 3 months (127.2% extra members!).

(You’ll note in the video that Travis talks about a very successful lead-generation campaign — these “leads” are not counted in the overall increase in membership, only signed-up full gym members).

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Toby Marshall: Abacus Recruitment

NOTE: This video is from 2008, “back in the day” when we did a fair bit of persuasive direct response ad copy for Yellow Pages ads across Australia and New Zealand.

When Toby showed me his draft ad for his first ever Yellow Pages campaign, there were four elements and ideas I immediately spotted and pointed out to Toby to improve the effectiveness of his ad (revealed in the video).

Toby was impressed enough to conclude: “If you’re gonna spend a lot of money on Yellow Pages ads, you need to talk to Dean” and “… for a complete Yellow Pages package, I reckon you can’t go past Dean Kennedy.”

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Written Testimonials

Parenting Ideas: Michael Grose

“Thanks Dean (and Mel) for your assistance on my last marketing campaign. You came up with a brilliant concept that immediately put stacks of dollars in my pocket. I have continued to use that concept to market my services in Australia and the United Kingdom with great success and needless to say, financial rewards. I also appreciate the fact that you are easy to work with and get the job done quickly and professionally. Fantastic stuff!”

— Michael Grose, Parentingideas

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Super Savvy Business: Fiona Soutter

“Dean Kennedy — an absolute genius in all things marketing, including copywriting skills that are amongst the best in Australia (IMHO).

— Fiona Soutter, Founder and CEO, Super Savvy Business (via Pinterest)

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Tarot by Lynne: Lynne Rivero

“Dean really has the Midas touch. He can turn basic information into a marketing gold mine. I love what you have done for my business. I am portrayed as a professional in my field and the orders are flying in. Well done! I look forward a long and prosperous business relationship with you.”

— Lynne Rivero, Tarot by Lynne

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The Event Leaders: Marie Broderick

“Firstly I would just like to say that you are amazing. The extra work you have put in to make this flyer read and work better as well as being more accurate is a god-send. It’s a pleasure to have someone who understands what we’re trying to achieve here and make it happen so effortlessly (well it appears so from this finished draft … surely it was quite painstaking!).”

— Marie Broderick, The Event Leaders

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