Price Persuasion

The same price, the same savings ... can be perceived very differently by your customers. A price presentation example worth knowing for both buyers and sellers!

I noticed an interesting presentation of pricing for a subscription for my local daily newspaper (Geelong Advertiser) today.

Big graphic displays “Only $27.60” with a much smaller “per month” underneath, and then “SAVE OVER $96” underneath, with a much smaller “per year”.

How being "creative" helps make your pricing more persuasive

In other words, it could be a yearly comparison: “Only $331.20 per year — Save over $96”.

Or just having it monthly: “Only $27.60 per month, save over $8”.

Or, much worse, swapping the year and monthly figures: “Only $331.20 per year — Save over $8 per month.”

None of the other pricing options look particularly persuasive or appealing, do they?

Keep this in mind as a consumer and as a business owner!

The pricing claim is certainly factual, but by being “creative” about the amounts, it is presented in a much more persuasive manner than it would be if you solely used yearly OR monthly pricing in the claim.

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