Let’s do the MailChimp Time Warp

MailChimp's new Time Warp feature means my message hits the inbox at the time of day or night I prefer, regardless of where my subscriber lives in the world.

No, not the song and dance variety I so fondly remember from High School days!

I’m talking about the latest version of the mail manager MailChimp — and it’s geo-targeted Time Warp feature.

It means you can, in MailChimp’s words:

Pick what time of day you want your campaign delivered, send once, and we’ll automatically deliver it at the same local time in every time zone on the planet.

Lots more info on the MailChimp blog.

Now that excited me as a marketer. Quite often in the mornings (Australian time), my inbox is full of a dozen or so spam that have arrived overnight (US daytime), and tucked inside is a message or two from a mailing list I’ve subscribed to.

That might mean I easily overlook the message and delete it with the overnight spam.

It would be much more effective if the message landed in my inbox during my working day, when my people are nearer their computer, and a time when there aren’t as likely to be a queue of spam messages piling up.

(Actually, I quite often have my email turned OFF during my working day, so that I can stay productive, but that’s a whole other story. But I’m talking in general here).

Or … depending on my testing and my prospect audience, it means I can set the timing to a personal preference that not just suits my time zone, or the time zone of my mail provider, but the time I want my subscribers (or my client’s subscribers) to see the message.

It’s not perfect of course — the data can vary a little on the geolocation, and if subscribers don’t open emails, it can be harder to figure out where they are — but it’s better than no Time Warp info at all.

To me, that’s technology put to good use!

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