Keeping up with WordPress 2.6.5

The best reason to upgrade -- a security fix.

WordPress 2.6.5 was announced today — bypassing the 2.6.4 designator which was used for a fake version. The official advice is “There is not and never will be a version 2.6.4.”.

This patches a minor security issue (always a worthwhile reason to upgrade) as well as 3 bugs. Personally, I’m waiting for 2.7.x for my next major site code update — preferably 2.7.1 or later, as I try and avoid a major “point” upgrade to avoid any coding bugs that slipped by. But in the meantime I’ll keep an eye on security updates — they’re often worth it!

After several years on FreeBSD/Apache, I can use SSH/Telnet nowadays to do my big upgrades — saves unzipping the files locally and updating files via FTP — that takes about four times as long! Took me a while to figure that one out!

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