John Carlton’s Action Seminar

The great copywriting masters like John Carlton really have worked out getting attention at a cluttered time of the year

Just read John Carlton’s latest blog post today which, for students of copywriting (you’re ALWAYS a student of copywriting, whatever your level of mastery) is a great study piece.

It’s often a common marketing “challenge” for copywriters to get attention promoting products as the new year arrives, as it seems to be that time of year when there’s quite a clutter of similar “new year, great time to take action and finally get what you want” offers, across a whole lot of industries.

(That many people ONLY look at making plans for 2011 by way of a “new year’s resolution” once at the start of the year, and then do nothing about it for 12 more months — well that’s a whole other opinion piece and may offend! But I’m getting distracted here. Back to John.).

So when you come across something like John Carlton’s post for his 2011 Action Seminar, you know you’re reading a master at work … well worth a good, close read!

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