Copywriting Masterclass

In Brisbane preparing for Pete Godfrey's last ever

Am here in Brisbane just preparing to head off this morning to day 1 of Pete Godfrey’s last ever copywriting masterclass.

It’s partly a “refresher” for me and some new content, plus this time my wife Mel is also doing the masterclass: it’s really her first time getting into copywriting other than seeing the stuff I usually do! I think it will be a good combination having both of us skilled in direct response copywriting.

Of course it’s really MORE than just a refresher because immersion means I get to focus again and pick up even more nuances, especially having used Pete’s stuff now for the last 12 months, not just the other copywriting I’ve been doing for the 15 years prior. Pete’s “emotional direct response” techniques are fantastic additions to my “weapons of influence” and every time I hear him live (several times this last 18 months) there’s always something new to pick up and use.

And I’m looking forward of course to catching up with Pete — he really is a Wizard at our craft — as well as a great bunch of “graduates” and friends who are here too.

Will check in and let you know how it goes over the next three days!

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