Copy Tip 32: Awww Shucks (And Thanks!)

Well I had the awesome news today that one of my blog posts was the winner of a Grand Prize by none other than US copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace!

Have you heard the saying by Sir Isaac Newton that “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”?  Well, in business, marketing and copywriting, Clayton Makepeace is that giant (and you’ll get a great view if he’s out on the road on his Harley!)

First I want to say thanks to Clayton, Wendy and everyone at The Total Package (from the amazing expert contributors to the brilliant support team like Martha) … TTP really is a must-have, must-read daily resource for every business owner, marketer and entrepreneur.

So it was well worth sharing this on my blog even just as we were about to sit down to our family Christmas lunch!

There were six Grand Prize winners in all — two for blog/forum posts, two for emails and two for YouTube videos, and there is, of course, a big lesson in just observing what Clayton does.

Congrats to all the winners, and all the loyal TTP readers who helped spread the word about Clayton’s wonderful resource. It was especially exciting to see fellow Copywriting Board contributor Mike Humphreys win in the email section (fantastic persuasive email), jump over to the Copywriting Board to see this post and the winning links.

So my Copy Tip today …

Yes, after my excitement … there is a Copy Tip here to share!


Firstly, it’s a reminder: it’s a great idea to leverage the knowledge and skills of others in your field to continue to improve your own skill base and knowledge. For me, a resource like TTP is the perfect way to do this — and that’s why it’s my home page.

Best of all, implement what you learn!

Find What Works

The second part of the tip is to always keep your eyes open — look at what you see in terms of finding ways to make it work for your own business or project.

I’ve heard marketing masters like Mal Emery, Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy lament business owners who complain “but that wouldn’t work for me”, or “that won’t work in my business.”

Having a closed mind keeps you closed off for innovation and growth… having your eyes open, and an open mind as to how you can borrow and adapt concepts yourself, will find you be on the best path to success.

For example, you might be at a seminar and listening to a speaker. You can do this on two levels: firstly, to listen to and learn from the speaker’s content. But on a second level you can borrow the formula and use the speaker’s approach to be a speaker in your own business or industry — leveraging what’s working, keeping your mind open for new opportunities.

It’s great advice I’ve heard from the masters on this issue and I’m glad I follow what they recommend!

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