Copy Tip 15: Headline Swipe Resources

Here's a gift to make headline writing so much easier than you might think. Fast-track your success in just a few seconds.

If you thought Copy Tip 14 was going to make things a bit hard for you — then it’s time to relax! You’ll want to devour today’s tip!

As it’s Christmas eve here in Melbourne … a couple of extra special “gifts” for you over the next couple of days.

These may be two of the shorter posts I’ll make in the Copy Tips series … but in all humbleness I think they’ll be explosively valuable for getting your copy right.

These are things I do myself to fast-track my success.

I’m talking about the power of leverage.

Archimedes talked about it as a way to move the world: something like “Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world.”

Here’s the power of leverage used in action today.

You can name the Number One ranked male golfer in the world right?

Yes, it’s Tiger Woods (he maintains his ranking despite spending most of this season recovering from a knee injury after winning the US Open in June — that’s how successful he has been. No wonder he has been the PGA’s Player of the Year nine times!).

I saw a documentary on Tiger once on TV and was incredibly impressed — but not really surprised — by his rigorous training and practice schedule.

Champion Tiger Woods

Not only has he shown incredible skill to earn the No. 1 ranking, he leverages the skills of other to stay there. His success comes from determination and hard work, not from “luck”.

Even though he’s Number 1, he trains incredible hard and uses the skills of his coaches and mentors to keep his golf game — physically and mentally — at its peak.

Take note … even the “best in the world” use coaches and mentors as a way to be the best at what they do.

One way YOU can do that with your copy is to leverage or “swipe” the success of others and use it for yourself.

This is especially useful to do when it’s time to create attention-grabbing headlines.

Now when I say “swipe” I don’t mean steal or copy word-for-word.

You should “borrow and adapt” a concept, not steal words.

I have dozens of headline swipe files and resources I use to help me come up with my headlines. They’re “proven winners” and worth adapting whenever you can.

One very famous headline example by John Caples (there are books of his that should be on your shelf) used in an ad in is this:

They Laughed When I Sat Down
At the Piano
But When I Started to Play!~

That has been adapted many times since … using these words as a “formula” …

“They __________ When I __________, But When I __________!”

Now in a future post I will go through some of these classic formulas. You have to be aware though: there are pitfalls to consider (and I’ll cover those too).

In the meantime, here’s your Christmas-eve gift.

There are vast amounts of FREE resources available online for you to start building your own swipe file. You can cut-out, copy and collect your own headlines as you see them (along with other copy elements) … but a great way to start is with someone else’s collection!

And best of all, many are available free online!

Here’s what I did just now to find several great resources to keep.

It took me just 3 minutes and an internet connection!

  • I went to Google and typed in:

headline swipe +filetype:pdf

I used the “+” with “filetype:pdf” to make sure I got ONLY pdf files in my results. Here’s a link to do it yourself!

  • Within just a few seconds, I had links to several high quality content pdf files to download with hundreds of winning, proven headlines ready to swipe!

It doesn’t get any easier than that to start your swipe file of headlines! Not every link is relevant, but many are.

Study what you find … see how you can ADAPT the headlines to suit your own needs.

We’re really just touching the surface here on headlines, but this technique to create a headline swipe file — totally for FREE — is a great way to get started.

There are other ways to create swipe files we’ll also cover (that go beyond just headlines), and I look forward to sharing those techniques too!

I better go for now … I can hear reindeer and sleigh bells …

Season’s Greetings to
You and Your Family!

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