Amazon Thinks Like Me

On sales letters books, Amazon and I are on common ground.

An interesting moment this morning … I was looking up Richard S. Hodgson’s book on Amazon, “The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of all Time”.

On the page, it had of course: “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” … with 10 suggestions: books by Denny Hatch (2), John Caples, Victor O. Schwab, Dan Kennedy (2), Joe Sugarman, Richard Bayan, Robert Collier and David Ogilvy. I already own (and have read) all 10!

Amazon's 10 suggested sales letters books

Each book on the list was well worth the read for what I do. Glad to see that on the subject of direct mail sales letters, my book library is well stocked.

It also shows how good Amazon is at finding what you’ll also probably love to read when you’re searching for a book … complementary purchases to help increase the number of items you buy. Technology put to good use.

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