Basic info that can lose a sale

Just a short post about hiring a car.

It’s Friday night after hours and I’ve only decided I need a car for 24 hours from tomorrow morning, to pick up from an airport but return elsewhere in the same city.

As I’m returning the car on a Sunday to a non-airport location, I wanted to know the trading hours of the local branch of the company.

In the order I looked for a hire car (of the four household car hire brand names I selected)

Company A — 8:00am, but no cars available the next day.
Company B — 9:00am Sunday open — cars available, but too late in the morning. And a ridiculous $110 “one way fee” yet I’m 25 mins from an international airport.
Company C — cars available, but no trading hours available on their website
Company D — cars available, and open 7am on Sunday.

Company D got the booking.

Notice — price wasn’t an issue. I paid more with Company D than I could possibly pay with Company C.

And I even contemplated a 2-day hire with Company B — except that one-way fee was nearly more than the cost of the 2 days hire! For a location still in the suburbs of the same city.

Company C MIGHT have got the booking if they had trading hours online.

But they didn’t. This basic info was hidden.

I even tracked down a phone number direct to that branch. Called it, but it rang out.

No answering machine message announcing their office hours, no redirection to an open branch, nothing.

How many other sales do they lose this way?

This transaction was all about convenience, not price. But basic information that should be online was absent.

Get some “fresh eyes” on your sales process to see what obvious factors you might be overlooking.

We can all be guilty of this — I’m no exception. But it’s often external “fresh eyes” that really see the gaps.

A sale lost, just by not providing the basics.