Usability Fail

Today I was looking for some photo/disk mailers that Australia Post offer for sale in every one of their postal shops.

Jumped onto their online shop.

Navigation failed to turn up anything relevant.

So I used search.

“Disk mailer” — no results (and no helpful suggestions).

“Disk” — no results

Hmmm, so I grabbed one of the mailers off the shelf that I have (a few left, need more!).

Ah ha!

“Computer Disk & Photo Mailer” — no results.

Product code on the product is “DP” — no results.

Size is 150mm x 200mm … so “150mm” — no results.

Went to their online pdf catalogue … finally found the product with a new product code.

“Bx9” — no results.

“CDs And Photos” as it is called now — no results.

Seven separate searches for the product … using the old name, old code, new name, new code, common “tag” words … nothing.

Zilch, zip, nada.

I wonder if a real user actually tested their online shop or search feature?

I guess now they don’t sell their own products in their online shop.

But nothing — nothing at all — informed me about that in their search pages or results.

Finally I found they also have an online stationery shop.

Great, it must be there!

No results.

They don’t even sell their own products in their stationery shop.

Can it get worse?


In the online PDF catalogue I found earlier, I get to “print” the sheet with the product on it.

But not to order it.

Not even “how to order”.

The printed sheet defaults to Sydney 2000 to find the nearest postal outlet.

So I reset that to my postcode.

And then on that printed sheet — NONE of the three nearest postal outlets that stock this item are listed!

Not my town, or the nearest two towns.

Only the big “shops” not the licensed postal outlets — that all stock this item.

No wonder they say they face “challenges ahead.”