Free Gift For Copywriters And Business Owners

As a direct response marketer I’ve got to say that there are quite a number of people and resources that have had an influence on my career.

The work of people like Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Tony Robbins (both Mastery University and Sales Mastery/Power To Influence), Clayton Makepeace, Drayton Bird, Brian Keith Voiles, Gary Bencivenga and many more.

In Australia, that list has included Ian Kennedy, and in recent years both Mal Emery and Pete Godfrey.

I recognise those mentors because I know without them, I wouldn’t be in the position of strength I enjoy today. I have bookings weeks and weeks ahead, and it has really changed the way I do business.

In particular, Pete Godfrey, a master copywriter, has had a big impact on the work I produce for clients.

And that’s mainly from his Copywriting and Marketing Master Class programs I completed in 2007 and again at the third and “last ever” event in November 2008.

What he shared in those programs was pure gold. He literally divulged his full, proven, emotional direct response marketing system for attracting and keeping clients.

For what I do today, there’s nothing better than this to help me create money-earning projects.

And Pete’s about to unleash this program for public consumption!

At the last ever master class, Pete recorded the whole event, and will soon be making that available. For any business owner or copywriter, it’s a resource you cannot live without.

But that’s not why I’m posting this article today.

In the lead-up to that release, Pete’s gone crazy and is giving away several very valuable FREE bonuses just for signing up to the notification list.

Free Bonus Reports

On their own, each of these bonuses is definitely worth paying for.

But you don’t need to do that: they’re yours free. No catch, no need to buy anything.

Here’s the link:

These are resources from a master copywriter that you’ll benefit from immediately.

For example, in the free bonus number 2, just reading the third paragraph on page 8 of the report will put you in front of 99 percent of your competition.

It’s the kind of material that fuels my business, and makes me 100% recession proof.

And you don’t need to buy anything to get these bonuses: you just have to sign up to the notification list!

Now before you worry about a flood of emails: two points of advice. One: observe what you get sent. Keep it. Swipe it for yourself (but don’t copy it word-for-word of course).

And two: if you want, you can always and easily unsubscribe. Just grab the bonuses if you want, and then say farewell. But I know that once you download and read them, you’ll be hungry for more (just like me).

But you’ll need to be quick: the bonus page won’t be up very long: grab them now!

If there’s one thing about current marketing I don’t like, is that everyone thinks they’re a guru. But here’s what I know … Pete is fair dinkum, he’s the real deal. Not only did I go to his Bootcamp in 2007, I signed up and went to his Masterclass, and then signed up for the next one and did it again (the only reason I missed the middle master class is that I was in hospital and not allowed to fly)! So I’m not just going to tell you from “what I know” … but this is “what I do” and I know it first-hand.

Here’s the link again: