Chipmunk Audio Fix

If you’ve been watching any videos lately where you start hearing chipmunk sounds — it’s not your fault! Don’t touch that dial!

If you make videos with Camtasia prior to version 5.02 (as an SWF file with MP3 audio for online use), this is a MUST read.

What’s happening is that Adobe’s Flash Player and Techsmith’s Camtasia are having a spot of trouble … which is affecting videos made with Camtasia.

Fixing it solves two problems:

  1. Your site visitors are no longer thinking something is wrong with their browser, video or audio setup — so they can focus on the content and what you want them to do; and
  2. You stop sounding like a chipmunk!

Techsmith list the issue on this tech support page and how to fix it. Credit to Robert Plank’s blog post where I was first alerted to the issue.

Thanks Al

Last week Mel and I were guests of Alan Kirke at the StreetSmart Hawthorn Connect Group meeting.

The StreetSmart group is run by Alan and comprises small business owners and entrepreneurs who get together regularly to discuss business marketing, swap info on news and success stories, have a “hot seat” session and network together.

The main topic of this month’s meeting was copywriting and that’s the reason Alan got me along, to go through the main points of a Yanik Silver copywriting CD that the members had been listening to. We also enjoyed the information shared between the connect group members and also had fun adding some input into the special hot seat session.

One of the best things I was able to “take away” from the meeting was how the members literally “kept each other going” with ideas and inspiration — aside from having regular goals and responsibilities, the ideas shared were very valuable and an excellent reason to keep up with their membership. That regular get-together outside of everyone’s normal business environment was a great way to stay focused on the future: a proven concept that has worked for a long time and always good to see in action.

We also picked up a business lead for copywriting, so that’s another good outcome from our breakfast meeting.

PS: If you’re interested in Alan’s Hawthorn Connect Group and their monthly breakfasts, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with Al.