New Blog In Development

If you’re reading this post then you’re really watching the “birth” of my new copywriting blog.

This blog will support my professional copywriting, marketing and sales services. At the moment, it is definitely in its infancy… a freshly planted garden if you like — still yet to have a full landscaping treatment — the flowers and trees, paths, seats, lakes, facilities, shops, lawn areas and other features of this garden are still yet to get underway.

And in many ways it will be like a garden: it needs both a logical structure and an attractive range of flora to attract visitors, insects (“buzz”), bees, birds and its own thriving community. And, like any garden, left untended, weeds will pop up. But that won’t be the case here: for me, this is the 5th blog I’ve created and I guess you’d say I have a very good head start on the landscaping plan.

I look forward to unveiling more of my blog in the coming days of the Australian summer.

(Edit 21 January 2008: But be warned… in coming days I’ll be messing seriously with the layout, so unexpected things may happen — it might look very different when you reload).

Peace and Christmas greetings! — Dean